I’m back!

I’m not going to make up excuses. I’m running way behind on the blog, but I’m still here. I spent about a month traveling, but now I’m back home. What am I working on? Mostly on getting up to speed and back to my goal of weekly blog posts, status reports, and podcasting. I’ve also been working on some stuff behind the scenes. Last week I interviewed Adam Cheyer. You may not know the name, but you probably know his work.

Adam is the co-founder of Siri Inc, the start-up that was later acquired by Apple and became something that is currently bundled with every iPhone sold. It’s very interesting to hear him tell the story of the evolution of Siri, and how it originally had many more features but they had to cut back. You can see the whole interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKyE5dWIydo

Why was I interviewing Adam Cheyer? Well, for the past few years I’ve been a volunteer for the Broadening Participation in Data Mining group (BPDM for short), and we are starting a series called Data Mining Innovators- where we want to reach out and interview influencers in the Data Mining field. Adam was kind enough to be our first guest in the series. The interview focuses on his thoughts and experiences in Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and the related fields. We talk briefly about Siri, but the whole interview is very interesting and worth watching. If you want to know more about BPDM, you can visit http://www.dataminingshop.com/. You can also follow us on Twitter @BPDMprogram and join our FaceBook group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/BPDMprogram/. If you have any suggestions for people we should interview, let me know!

Now back to our scheduled programming…