The Good, the Bad, and Javascript

Javascript, not unlike PHP and Perl, is one of those languages people like to bash. Myself included. I should point out that the last time I took a serious interest in Javascript was in the mid 1990s, when I copied and pasted some code to add to my Angelfire webpage. It made an annoying pop-up window show up and it asked you for your name. Javascript was never designed to be an ambitious language, it only ran inside the browser, it made everything slower, and it was not meant to be secure. As of today, there are frameworks that allow you to write native iOS and Android apps in Javascript. Javascript is here to stay for the next few years, and I’m embracing it.

In the Javascript episode of my podcast (listen here:, Omar made a good point. Javascript has become popular because it has a low barrier of entry, it’s easy. You only need a browser and an editor (which can also be a browser plugin). Remember what made Perl popular? It was easy. What about PHP? It was easy. It’s the ease of use and flexibility that sometimes causes lazy habits and unmaintainable code. Ever heard programers talking about how elegant Smalltalk is, or how the simplicity of Lisp makes it beautiful? I don’t doubt they are right, but those languages also require a different way of thinking. A different paradigm. I think imperative programming is what most people can immediately relate to (unless you’re an Emacs person 😏). Javascript is still evolving, and the sooner I start working with it the easier it will be to keep up with it.

For the next few months I’ll give Javascript another try. Watch out for what comes out of it. Also subscribe to my podcast (Go Code Yourself), there’s a new episode coming soon!