Juventus v Manchester City: Champions League – as it happened

Wed 25 Nov A fairly entertaining game, albeit not a particularly memorable one. Juventus are the deserved winners on balance of play, though City had their chances, Raheem Sterling missing a sitter near the end. But that one squirted wide, and Juve leapfrog City into first place. Matchday six may change all that, of course. Juve tippy-tappy around the middle of the park for a while. The clock is their pal. Toure powers down the middle again. For a second, it looked like things were opening up there. Juve hold firm and juve manchester city storia incontri the ball is passed out of play for a goal kick. Toure, 30 yards out, looks for the top-left corner.

Juve manchester city storia incontri And we're off again!

And he seems like he could go on forever. Key events Show 9. By clicking OK, or closing this banner, or browsing the website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Nel luglio i Beady Eye nati dalle ceneri degli Oasis eseguirono una cover di Blue Moon , brano divenuto nel corso degli anni una sorta di inno non ufficiale dei tifosi del Manchester City. Juve tippy-tappy around the middle of the park for a while. Estratto da " https: Sterling comes on for Aguero, still not long back from injury. There will be four minutes of added time. Nel è stato realizzato un film documentario sulla vittoria del campionato a quarantaquattro anni di distanza dall'ultimo successo , giunta solo all'ultima giornata grazie ad un'incredibile rimonta nei minuti di recupero da a Sterling twists and turns down the left, causing enough panic in the Juve defence to win a corner. City have been very quiet for some time now.

Juve manchester city storia incontri

Sep 17,  · Ecco la parodia sul match di Champions City - Juve! Max Allegri scatenato in panchina, Buffon diventa "San Gigi" per i miracoli e Chiellini fa autogol e si d. News sulla Juventus, la storia bianconera, archivio e statistiche, foto e video Juventus, highlights, twitter, tweet, download, wallpapers, sfondi, inni, quiz, giochi, caricature, vignette e tanto altro. I marchi Juventus e Juve ed il logo Juventus sono di proprietà esclusiva di Juventus FC Spa. Il Manchester City Football Club, Il City visse il maggior periodo di successo della sua storia sotto la gestione di Joe Mercer e Malcolm Allison, tra gli anni sessanta e gli anni settanta, Incontri: Derby di Manchester: Proprietà: City Football Group. The Juve midfielder (right), who was reportedly a target for Manchester City last season, was at the heart of most of their good attacking moments, including playing a key role in the winner for.

Juve manchester city storia incontri